XCHANGE is an e-commerce platform with diverse selection of products & services available to buy, sell or trade. We offer extensive amounts of opportunities to help those who starts small all the way in becoming an established merchants or businesses thru our unique platform and generate passive / residual income as you build your network/consumers/retailers thru affiliate marketing.

With over 50,000 members/consumers/retailers/merchant and an established partner that provides convenient services to cater your needs on effortless shopping/selling/trading to grow a sustainable business online and reach more potential customers/consumers.

Being an XCHANGE PARTNER is like building your own marketing company, you’re the boss, you work at your own time and space, literally doing business anywhere and everywhere. The only difference? You don’t pay for office rent, water and electricity, buying IT system, hiring employees, hiring sales agents, paying- employees, paying commissions, etc. All the above mention will be shouldered by XCHANGE! All you have to is register for FREE! List your products/services, copy and paste product/services links, ship and earn directly to your bank account or any remittance centers nationwide!

XCHANGE is like your ordinary reseller that advertises your products/services in the platform also in other social media. Some Affiliates/Merchants will share your product link so that they will resell your items. In exchange, the owner of the product will share 10% of the profit automatically deducted by the system. Another 5% for the people who SPONSORED you up to 4th generation. You as an Affiliate/Merchant will also get 5% to the people YOU will SPONSOR up to 4th generation.


Affiliate marketing is the process in which an affiliate attains a commission for marketing merchant’s or company's products or services. The affiliate simply promotes a product in any social media or online platform by just copying and posting merchant’s product link and subsequently earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make thru their shared links.

You will get an outright discount from establishment partners or cashback from online store.

You will also get 1% royalties from the products/services sales from affiliates or merchant under your organization up to 4th generations.

After filling up the online registration form sent by your sponsor or you can directly apply on xchange website at "" and wait 3-5 working days.

after being approved, you may now list all your items as merchants or start selling online by copy- pasting links of all the products/services available on your platform and start earning passively for both merchants and affiliates.

Yes. All you have to do is to get the links of your preferred products to promote and start earning 10% passively just by sharing in other social media platform. Affiliates does not require any capital, products or inventory.

It maximizes your sales and income potential for 30 days. It doubles your bonuses/points earnings, Double your discount/profit margin. Also, you will have 24/7 online store and trade listing.

You can subscribe to boost your account base on your desired features:

  1. x2 commission/pts - 299 - 30cashback royalty
  2. Store/trade – 299
  3. Both - P499

You will get additional royalties from all the subscription of your team up to 4th generations of resellers/merchants under your organization.

XCHANGE will transfer it directly to your bank accounts, or any remittance centers available in your area


You may store your products in XCHANGE center, and XCHANGE will handle packaging and shipping of products to customers.

Sellers are only charged on the basis of numbers of orders shipped

Here are the statuses that your package will go through until it gets to your doorstep:

  • Processing – Waiting for order confirmation by merchant.
  • Way Bill Added – Order is packed and will be handed over to our delivery courier.
  • For pick up – Courier is ready to pick up the package from the merchant.
  • Accepted to warehouse – Order has been picked up by our logistics partner.
  • For delivery – Out for delivery today.
  • Delivered – Order delivered.

Yes! The tracking information form our third-party courier will be available after the item is received by our courier. This may take 48-72 after the item is shipped, or longer, depending on the courier's capacity and volume of orders.

YES! XCHANGE can deliver nationwide

We currently do not deliver items to different addresses if they are part of the same order.

Should you want you items delivered to different addresses, we recommend placing separate orders per shipping address (o.e., one shipping address per order

Couriers may contact you when they are on their way to deliver to your shipping address. To know when you should expect a call. Please keep you lines open so our couriers can contact you on the day of delivery

Packages may be tagged as "Failed Delivery" due to multiple reasons which can be classified into:

  • Order issues
  • Logistic issues
  • Customer issues

ORDER ISSUES - This occur when or deliver partner has assessed that the package the seller prepared does not meet the quality standard of XCHANGE. This could be due to: 1. Improper packaging by the seller 2. Damaged packaging (e.g. with leaks, dents, etc.).

LOGISTIC ISSUES - This occurs when unforeseen incidents or logistics limitation hinder our deliver partner from delivering your order. This could be due to: 1. Inclement weather conditions or calamities - When natural calamities occur, our delivery partners secure your packages while operation are on hold. However, when the impact is severe and our delivery partners can no longer deliver, orders may be tagged as failed delivery. 2. Road closures

CUSTOMER ISSUES - This occurs when the details you provide in the order is incorrect or incomplete. This could be due to:

  • Address or contact details are incorrect - Please double check if your Address is accurate and up-to- date.
  • Address is missing important details - No barangay street, Unit number (for condominium) or House number (for village/subdivision).
  • The customer and authorized representative are unavailable at the shipping address upon delivery
  • Recipient is unknown at the shipping address.
  • The payment was not ready upon cash on delivery (COD) orders.

WHAT CAN I DO NEXT? -Orders that are tagged as "Failed Delivery" can no longer be re-delivered. If you wish to receive the order, you may re-order from our website. Please remember to correct the issues that affected your initial order before placing a new one

YES! XCHANGE can deliver to your office if you have added it as your shipping address. REMINDER: When selecting your shipping address, check your schedule on weekends and upcoming holidays to ensure that you are available at the selected address upon delivery. Please keep in mind that you can no longer change the selected shipping address once you have confirmed your order.

YES! Orders can be delivered during weekends or holidays. But delivering on holidays are only open for offices or work address. Please double check your shipping address and ensure that you are available upon delivery. Kindly keep your communication lines open as couriers may reach out to you upon their arrival in your shipping address

Unfortunately, XCHANGE is currently doesn’t deliver outside of the Philippines, but we do offer nationwide delivery.